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Our premium top quality longblock engines are fully remanufactured to the highest industry standards, and we pride ourselves on building engines using the latest in upgrades and improvements.

We use only the highest quality parts on all of our long block engines, and all engines are run tested prior to custom crating and shipping. 

ALL of our better than rebuilt, quality remanufactured engines have been hot run-tested at 180F on a SIM Tester at speed allowing us to check compression, test cylinder leak down, pump up the lifters, break in the piston rings, view oil flow and oil pressure to each bearing in the engine, impregnate the internal surfaces with zinc, verify valve timing and measure each cylinder's piston ring drag on the cylinder walls.


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Please feel free to call 1-800-575-6998/1-443-451-5139, fax us at 1-815-461-7090 or e-mail with your questions or comments. 
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Remanufactured Engine Ground Shipping prices within the the USA

Whether you ship your engine to us for remanufacture or we ship on an exchange basis, shipping is $97.50 each way for  gasoline engines under 364 cubic inches and $132.50 for eight cylinder gasoline engines over 364 cubic inches to business locations or terminals in the United States except the following:*Add $35.00 each way for  business freight to AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, ID, MA, ME, MT, NH, NM, NV, NY, OR, RI, UT, VT, WA, WY. Shipments close to New York City, South Florida, islands, remote, or very rural areas may cost more. You know who you are.  
Please call for pricing to AK, HI, and International pricing: ltl freight,
airfreight and ocean freight with shipping to over 100 countries.  
Residential delivery adds $40-80. Liftgate service adds $40-80.
Buying outright is OK with us. Just add the core deposit.

Shipping time estimates for USA and possessions

These are just estimates. E-S-T-I-M-A-T-E-S


Freight is shipped nonexpedited which means they can take up to a month to lose it find it, lose it and find it again.

To estimate the total number of days it will take for the engine to be trucked to us, for us to custom remanufacture it, and then ship it back to you, double the number of days listed below next to your state, then add 14 days for remanufacturing time**.

Alabama 2.7
Alaska 7 -14
Alberta 5.0
Arizona 4.1
Arkansas 4.0
British Colombia 5.5
California 4.1
Colorado 3.2
Connecticut 3.4
Delaware 3.0
Florida 3.2
Georgia 2.9
Guam 10.0
Hawaii 7.0
Idaho 4.5
Iowa 2.7
Kansas 2.8
Kentucky 2.6
Louisiana 3.3
Maine 3.5
Manitoba 2.8
Maryland 3.0
Massachusetts 3.3
Minnesota 2.6
Mississippi 2.7
Missouri 2.6
Montana 4.0
Nebraska 2.6
Nevada 4.8
New Hampshire 3.4
New Jersey 3.1
New Mexico 3.6
New York 3.0
North Carolina 3.1
North Dakota 3.0
Ohio 2.5
Oklahoma 2.8
Ontario 2.7
Oregon 4.4
Pennsylvania 2.9
Puerto Rico 7.0
Quebec 4.0
Rhode Island 3.4
Saskatchewan 3.8
South Carolina 2.8
South Dakota 2.8
Tennessee 2.5
Texas 3.3
Utah 3.9
Vermont 3.4
Virginia 3.1
Washington 4.4
West Virginia 2.7
Wyoming 3.6

~estimates!! Remember Tom Hanks in Castaway? ~


Remanufactured Engine Ocean and Air Shipping outside the USA

Returning an old engine core from overseas is generally not cost effective so pricing estimates below are one way.

Competing against engine builders world wide we try to get the best prices on remanufactured engine shipping, however, prices quoted here and via e-mail are strictly estimates. Since we will try to ship planet wide, on a planet where every bureaucrat has their hand out and every little burg has a fee and a permit, the customer assumes responsibility for any and all unforeseen additional expenses and risk. Like the time the island float plane got a hernia. Costs incurred in returning an engine back to us for incorrect application or warranty repairs or anything else, for that matter, are not covered. This includes bills for Bolivian pack mule saddle blisters and lost income from the Alaskan gold mine sluice pumps. Whatever. However, insurance is available that covers estimated shipping costs in the event of a defective engine warranty claim or incorrect application. The price is 25% of the estimated round trip cost and must be paid in advance.

European Orders

Phone or e-mail most of your questions at once and tell us right up front if you have a preferred seaport or airport for pickup. It is a big plus for you to have an English speaking technically minded guy helping you with the order on the phone.

Costs. Your engine will be delivered outright for pick up at a seaport or airport terminal. Ocean freight USUALLY runs between $490 and $600 USD.  Air freight is USUALLY $900 to $1200 USD.

Big heavy engines are more expensive to ship than than light small ones.  Custom engine crating for overseas is included.

How to send us your engine for remanufacturing

   1. Get a skid at least as pretty as this one. If you buy one, don't pay more than $5

  2. Now you don't have to be this fancy to strap your core engine down but it sure makes it easy. This set of  four came from Sam's Club and was about $13. We will send them back with the fresh engine.

Dog chain works too.

3. It might be a good idea to nail some two-by fours to the skid around the block so it doesn't slide around under the straps.

Oh, yeah. Don't forget to get ALL the oil, water - all fluids out of the engine before it goes on the truck.

4. Call us the day before the engine can be ready. We use a variety of Common Carrier trucking companies to keep prices low but they almost always pick up the next day or same day if you call early enough. 

We will e-mail you the BOL / freight documents you must print.  You'll affix one copy to the engine as a label and hand the driver two additional copies, one of which he will stamp with a PRO#, sign*** and return to you for your records.

5. Now, you have to get the engine-on-the skid onto a 48 inch tall truck bed using one of four methods:

A. Forklift from a truck dock.

B. If you still have the cherry-picker, chain fall or come-along, use that. (lift from the engine block or heads with the skid dangling)

C. Ask that we schedule the drop-off of your core to a local freight terminal.  If your engine is in a residential neighborhood, or you can't hang around all day waiting on a truck, you may want to, one way or another, get the skid on the back of a pickup truck and take it to the local trucking terminal where a forklift can easily transfer it to the semi-trailer truck. You might save a few bucks off of the shipping charges too.

D. Request that we ship from your residential/rural/remote location and send a truck with a liftgate to lift the pallet from your driveway onto the back of the truck.  Be prepared to pay extra for the special treatment.

If it makes it any easier to handle, it's OK to remove the cylinder heads.

Just make sure we get ALL the longblock parts and be certain that EVERYTHING - each component, part, box etc. is securely strapped to the pallet and wrapped completely in plastic so that no dust, dirt or moisture gets inside.

It's just as important to not send us anything extra either, as we will assume you don't want it anymore and we will throw it away. (like lifetime platinum spark plugs, brackets, balancers, etc.)

There are 5 significant advantages to having your own engine remanufactured:

   1. Pay Less Up Front.  The Core Deposit is waived pending inspection of your core and we'll hope it is A-OK for remanufacture, so you can:

   2. Keep it original!  Add to the value of your classic car, truck, boat or RV by keeping the original engine, numbers and date matching.

   3. Comb the web no more.  It ends the search.
Decades ago there were a handful of different engines to put into America's cars. Modern manufacturing has brought rapid mid-year improvements, imports and variations resulting in the thousands. There is a need for so many different engines that no single company can have them all or even most of them.

   4. Get a perfect fit!  We can make absolutely certain that what we sell you fits perfectly in your car or truck. Mid year production changes and many different minor differences make engine ordering somewhat risky. Sometimes Vin codes seem to be just a general guideline. Older cars can have absolutely anything under the hood other than what they should have. For example: In 1998 a previous owner of your 1992 car had a 1987 junkyard engine installed. If you order a 1992 engine for your 1992 car by mistake you will find out that it doesn't fit. The unpleasant truth is that there are a whole bunch of ways to make the wrong engine sorta fit or kinda work.

   5.  Get a diagnosis.  We can help diagnose the primary cause of engine failure and other secondary causes of internal damage. (So you or your mechanic can keep it from happening again… Cuz, really folks, most engines don't die on their own from wear. They die from transmission torque converter ballooning and from leaking fuel injectors flooding cylinders and from defective E.G.R valves and from excessively lean carburetors and from clogged catalytic converters and filters. Dig?)

  • The most important thing we can offer you is reliability as a natural result of efficient and systematic procedures. is a full capability automobile, boat, motorhome, industrial and truck engine machine and assembly operation.

Qualified technicians on staff with the latest in engine machining and test equipment give you the highest quality engines.

Engines from late model automobiles, motorhomes, classic cars, light trucks, kit cars, industrial equipment and boats  are everyday projects here in a shop that has been doing the tough stuff the right way for thirty-eight years now.

The shop is set up for Just-In-Time manufacturing along Dr. Deming's Total Quality Control guidelines.

This modest web site covers a small fraction of the engines, parts and services that we can provide you at very competitive prices.

30 of the pages with databases on them will load more slowly than you and I would like but the added available information should reduce errors and raise efficiencies after the initial contact.

Please feel free to call 1-800-575-6998/1-443-451-5139, fax us at 1-815-461-7090 or e-mail with your questions or comments.
Evenings and Weekends too!

We ship better than rebuilt remanufactured engines to Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Alberta, British Colombia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon,  - and the world. Please call for International ocean freight and air freight quotes.2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997  1996  1995  1994  1993  1992  1991  1990  1989  1988  1987  1986  1985  1984  1983  1982  1981  1980  1979  1978  1977  1976  1975  1974  1973  1972  1971  1970  1969  1968  1967  1966  1965  1964  1963  1962  1961  1960  1959  1958
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